Boosting Employee Productivity: 5 Tips for a More Efficient Workforce

Poor employee productivity holds businesses back, hinders growth and makes it difficult to reach goals. The good news is that you can keep employees motivated and focused with a few basic changes in the way you handle your workforce. Pilixo offers 5 useful tips for boosting employee productivity.

boosting employee productivity

Have a Company Plan

Productivity is impossible if nobody knows what they’re supposed to be doing. Outline a plan with clear goals for the business, including the steps necessary to reach those goals.

Communicate this plan to your staff, and break up the steps into specific projects for each employee or department. Giving the entire workforce something to focus on creates a sense of accomplishment as milestones are met and encourages dedication to daily tasks.

Train Wisely

Employees need to understand how to use the tools at their disposal to complete their assigned projects. Time spent struggling with unfamiliar systems is time lost in terms of productivity, and frustrated employees don’t have the energy or desire to apply themselves 100 percent.

Arm your workforce with knowledge by holding regular training sessions that show how to utilize the software, equipment or procedures that are part of your current projects. Schedule extra sessions to update everyone on changes when new systems are put in place.

Use Time Tracking Software

Time tracking apps allow you to monitor how much time employees spend on specific tasks.

This is particularly helpful when trying to oversee teams collaborating on projects. It reveals what aspects of the job may be hindering productivity and shows whether or not each team member is pulling their weight. Employees can monitor their own time for a better idea of how to prioritize and get more done every day.

Monitor Digital Activity

Browsing social media, reading blogs and shopping online shouldn’t be done on company time, but many employees routinely fall victim to these distractions. Every minute employees spend on personal digital activity takes away from company productivity. Some of these activities can even put your company at risk if too much information is shared or malicious files are accidentally downloaded, leading to even more lost time.

To avoid these potential problems, invest in computer monitoring software that allows you to see what employees are doing and filter or block websites that could be a threat to productivity and security. Make your employees aware of your computer monitoring policy so that they understand their activity is being tracked.

Don’t Forget the Fun

Scheduling enjoyable company activities, such as a “jeans day” or a catered lunch, improves workplace atmosphere and boosts employee satisfaction.

Giving employees something to look forward to that’s different from the daily routine encourages them to focus on their work because they know a break is coming. Offering incentives, even small ones like gift certificates, for reaching specific goals can also increase productivity.

Employers who take an interest in employee well-being and monitor how time is spent enjoy a better atmosphere and a more efficient workforce. Pay attention to the needs and activities of your staff to maintain consistent productivity and continued growth.


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