Why You Must Monitor the C-Suite for Data Theft

Employees that are granted elevated access to confidential documents and other corporate assets are at a constant risk for malicious cyber attacks. These high risk positions include senior IT personnel as well as company executives.


While those who work in IT are often aware of the latest cyber threats and take data security seriously, members of the C-Suite may not be as aware of what precautions to take to protect sensitive information.

Understanding External Threats to the C-Suite

The CEO and CFO often have the highest level of access to data in order to oversee the organization. They have elevated access to server data and often receive confidential emails.

Individuals in these high-risk positions can hold a ton of sensitive data on their phones, laptops or tablets. If just one of their devices is compromised a significant amount of data theft could occur.

According to ID Agent, 48% of external phishing scams specifically target individuals who have privileged access. In fact, “the FBI has tracked more than $740 million dollars lost to business email compromise fraud in the United States since 2003. The C-Suite attracts the greatest amount of cyber attacks due to their unique access to data regarding employees, customers, partners and corporate information.

Recognizing Insider Threats From the C-Suite

While it’s nice to extend trust to all employees, especially members of the executive team, trust is not a security policy.

A statistic has shown that 74% of individuals working in high-risk positions feel their elevated access gives them the privilege to review anything on the company’s system, even if that information is not specifically outlined as part of their job duty.

In parallel, 66% of individuals with elevated access unnecessarily look at confidential information such as employee and customer contact information, social security numbers, wages, etc.

Once privileged users access the information they can then use it for malicious purposes. For example, becoming receptive to bribes and selling the sensitive information to competitors.

Protecting Your Data

To protect your data from insider threats, both malicious and unsuspecting, you should invest in employee monitoring software like Employee Monitoring.

Employee Monitoring that actively monitor all systems of your organization so that you don’t have to.

Not only does Employee Monitoring monitors every device on your network for suspicious activity such as downloads of confidential information and typing of unusual number patterns such as credit card numbers, it generates real-time alerts based on the rules you define.

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