How to Protect Your Company from Computer Data Theft

Data security is one of the most important considerations for companies in today’s highly connected world.

The widespread use of mobile employees, smart devices and cloud services puts information at risk in new ways, and it’s up to you to ensure sensitive company data stays safe in the face of modern threats.

data security on corporate endpoints

Protecting Against External Computer Data Theft

Hackers are always looking for opportunities to intercept information and use it for their own purposes. To prevent this, install reliable firewalls and security programs as protection for your business network. Use encryption keys when sending data, and secure both your VPN and onsite Wi-Fi with strong passwords known only to employees and executives.

Contact your cloud service providers, and ask how they handle security. Are they doing regular audits and making the necessary changes to ensure the safety of your information? Make sure every service is committed to data security for its customers, and consider switching to a new provider if security policies seem lacking.

Understanding Insider Threats

Whether by accident or on purpose, employees often compromise company data. Provide training to prevent problems with:

  • Mishandling of passwords
  • Accidental theft using personal devices
  • Clicking on links in phishing emails
  • Using unsecured public networks for business purposes
  • Making unauthorized privilege changes

Data access must also be controlled with passwords for users at every level. This ensures only employees who need to access sensitive data are able to do so.

Even with comprehensive security measures in place, accidents and breaches can happen. Regular backups minimize the damage from these incidents and allow you to restore your network to working order with a minimum amount of downtime.

Set up a routine backup schedule, and review the backup policies of the cloud providers with which you work. Encryption prevents information from being read or stolen during the backup process. Redundancy, or backing up across multiple servers, is essential to safeguard data against loss in the event of a problem.

The Critical Role of Prevention

Putting workspace monitoring software in place will help prevent data breaches from occurring in the first place. Employee Monitoring can be installed on any endpoint and will then automatically:

  • Scan and block employees from clicking on phishing links
  • Track who accessed what information and when
  • Alert you when unauthorized privilege changes occur
  • Monitor web and activity and chats for suspicious behavior
  • And so much more!

Protecting your data means your customers, employees and business reputation are all safe from the potential backlash of a breach. Get a plan in place today and stay on top of new threats to ensure your company is always using the latest security measures.


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