4 Data Theft Protection Tips to Help Your Company Recover Fast

Data breaches happen even when you’re diligent about security. Accidental compromise by an employee, an attack from a sophisticated hacker, or vulnerabilities in an outdated program can cripple your business if you don’t have a recovery plan in place.

Should you fall victim to a breach, follow these data theft protection tips to get your business back in action fast.


1. Identify the Cause

Pinpointing what caused a data breach can be tricky and may require the help of a digital forensics specialist. These experts know what to look for and how to track down the source of data compromise. Once the problem has been isolated, you can put measures in place to stop it, contain the attack, and start moving forward.

2. Quarantine and Repair

All machines and devices affected by the breach must be disconnected from your internal network and fixed before you can return to normal daily activities. In some cases, you might have to wipe machines completely and reinstall software from the master discs to get rid of malicious programs before running any necessary updates. Check all other devices to make sure the software is up to date and no loopholes are left open for hackers to exploit.

3. Alert Your Customers

Don’t let press coverage be the first time your customers hear about a security incident. Take the initiative, and alert those with whom you do business to the problem. Include details of how the breach happened, what types of data were affected and how you’re handling the issue. Maintaining a good reputation with consumers is an essential part of recovering from data theft. A solid group of loyal customers helps your business bounce back and return to normal after any incident.

4. Restore Backups

Your company should have a routine backup plan in place, and this is what will save you the most time if you fall victim to a breach. Outdated backups can set your business back months and compromise productivity for an indefinite amount of time. Use onsite restoration tools or work with your third-party cloud provider to restore backups and retrieve the information necessary to continue operating.

The Benefits of Data Theft Protection

A data breach doesn’t have to be a disaster for any business. Taking a smart approach to data protection and recovery preserves your customer base and your reputation. When you know what to do to get back up and running, you can recover quickly with few consequences.


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