Disgruntled Employee Revenge: Common Dangers

A disgruntled employee can cause serious problems for your company. Whether they’re dissatisfied in their current position or have recently been fired, these potentially malicious individuals need to be monitored to prevent common forms of retaliation.

Below are just a few of the ways a disgruntled employee can hurt your company. Being aware of these malicious acts will help you keep your company safe.

disgruntled employee

Unpleasant Work Atmosphere

When one employee is upset, their attitude can rub off on everyone else in the office. They may deliberately try to drag other people down to their level, or their discontent may lead to negative interactions that make other employees not want to be around them. This makes it difficult to create productive teams and can greatly impact efficiency.

Damaged Reputation

Disgruntled staff members may post negative status updates on social media, write scathing reviews or share photos and videos showing what they believe to be improper company practices. One negative post can spread like wildfire, causing damage to your brand image that can take years to bounce back from.

Keep an eye on what’s being said about your company by setting up online alerts to notify you whenever your brand is mentioned.

Compromised Data Security

An employee that perceives they’ve been wronged by the company may take “revenge” by stealing sensitive data and leaking it online or to competitors. Such actions can compromise everything from production secrets to confidential customer information.

Computer monitoring software tracks employees’ digital behaviors so that you can identify malicious activity, find its source and document the problem. This documentation can serve as supporting evidence when letting an employee go. Once they’ve left the company, eliminate all digital points of access. Shut down their accounts, change passwords and take other security measures to keep your data safe.


Another form of employee “revenge” is theft of physical or intellectual property. The highest risk for this kind of behavior occurs immediately after an employee has been fired. They may feel that their termination was unjustified and try to make off with or destroy company goods on their way out or when they come back to retrieve personal items.

Assign a security escort to bring former employees into and out of the building, including through the parking lot, so that someone is always keeping an eye on them. When they’re gone, double-check all of your inventory and digital information to ensure that everything is where it should be.

The best way to avoid problems with disgruntled employees is to have a risk management strategy in place that includes computer monitoring software that can detect issues in real time.

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