How to Prevent Data Theft from Hindering Your Company

Are the proprietary data and customer information your company handles as safe as it could be? Protect yourself, your employees and your customers with these four crucial data theft prevention tactics.


Encrypt Devices to Prevent Data Theft

With the increasing prevalence of mobile employees, company devices rarely stay in the office. Staff members take laptops or tablets to remote locations when meeting with clients or bring them on business trips to stay connected to the company while they travel. To prevent data theft in the event one of these devices is lost or stolen, establish a clear and consistent encryption policy. Encrypt both the devices and the data being sent between them for maximum protection, and invest in remote wiping software so that you can clear all information from a device even when you don’t have physical access.

Monitoring Insider Threats

Employees are often the biggest concern when it comes to corporate data theft. Whether intentionally or by accident, staff members have many opportunities to compromise important information. Using a monitoring tool like Employee Monitoring helps you track application use, be alerted to malicious activity and reduce the chances of people unknowingly clicking on links in phishing emails. Employee Monitoring also tracks attempts to change access levels and provides a way to trace a breach back the source if one does occur.

Be Aware of Vulnerabilities

Perform regular vulnerability scans to assess where your company’s digital defenses may be weak or updates that need to be made. Evaluate your current approach to data security based on these scans, and take action to close any loopholes you find. Doing this once per month keeps you aware of potential threats to data security and minimizes the risk of a problem going unnoticed until it’s too late.

Have a Data Disposal Policy

When the time comes to get rid of old removable media, devices and paper files, invest in smart disposal methods. Shred papers and discs yourself, or partner with a third-party company trained in secure disposal of data. If your company recycles electronics, learn how to completely wipe all information from devices before sending them for processing.

Making these protections part of your company’s data security plan helps prevent the theft, compromise and loss of important information. Continue to stay on top of new threats, and update your approach to security as needed to ensure your company always has the latest defenses in place.


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