Introducing Computer Monitoring to Your Employees

Research shows that there is a rise in insider threats causing chaos and costing corporations millions of dollars. While there may be some hesitation to deploy computer monitoring for fear of backlash by employees, it’s an important security measure that can keep your confidential data safe.

computer monitoring policy and procedure

Computer monitoring software like Employee Monitoring helps corporations stop insider threats before they become a problem. One deployed, Employee Monitoring actively monitors a computer 24/7 taking HD video recordings that can be used as evidence if a malicious situation arises. Additionally, using Employee Monitoring, The IT security team is able to set up custom alerts that trigger an email should an employee take a suspicious action such as downloading confidential data or initiating a file transfer of important content.

This type of computer monitoring is time efficient and can be viewed as minimally invasive by employees since most actions won’t trigger a warning that could get them into trouble.

Communicate with Employees

The key to keeping employee dissatisfaction to a minimum is communicating with employees. The IT security team should work with the HR department on this initiative. Together the two teams should create a plan for introducing computer monitoring to employees to help them understand what will be monitored and why.

The Society for Human Resource Management recommends proceeding with caution. You should emphasize to employees that computer monitoring won’t be used to get them in trouble for small offenses such as sending a personal email or scrolling through Facebook during their lunch hour. Rather, the computer monitoring is in place so that sensitive data can’t be used in malicious ways.

Have A Clear Written Policy

Along with a verbal explanation of the the computer monitoring policy and procedure, a written policy should be distributed. The policy should include language that makes it clear that all company supplied technology belongs to the company not the employee. As such the employer routinely monitors behavior and employees should use discretion.

Make it clear that any employee that abuses their company provided access to the Internet and company data may be subject to disciplinary action, including termination, if they are found conducting themselves inappropriately.

Which Computers Should be Monitored?

The best policy is to monitor every computer, especially those who already have Privileged Access to confidential data. Once you begin making exceptions you open yourself up to an increased possibility of a data breach.


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