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Phishing Attacks!
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Complete Anti Phishing software solution

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Multi-vector Prevention

Email has been the primary delivery method for phishing attacks but there are several other ways attacks can be delivered. Including content in attachments, chat sessions, even other websites...
Pilixo's Phishing Prevention scans all content brought into focus on a device searching for potential attacks and prevents users from taking the bait. Hyperlinks, display ads, social media apps and USB drives are covered. Employees who accidentally or maliciously click on a phishing link are interrupted by our software preventing the link from opening.

Educating your employees is not enough

Training your employees has been a popular approach to prevent phishing attacks. However the attacks continue to get more sophisticated, outsmarting even the best employees. The best form of protection is to stop an attack before it happens.
Pilixo complete anti-phishing solution does just that using our proprietary technique for detecting and stopping attacks.
Company wide attack visibility
Pilixo provides visibility into frequency and details of each attack across the company, right down to the employee. Details include - who, when and where these attacks took place. Supporting video of the actions performed by the employee on or before the attack took place is available to enhance your employee training programs.
A gif showing some of the possible Phishing Attack and Malware vectors: chat, applications, emails, attachments, documents
A pc with Pilixo about to click on a Phishing link
The Pilixo Anti Phishing Software Solution Dashboard
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to understand and deter future attacks
Pilixo Anti Virus and Phishing Prevention Software Video

See it in action

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Phishing attacks

come from multiple vectors to spread malware and ransomware, so our unique security approach prevents threats that are initiated via emails, web browsing, hyperlinks, display ads, social media apps and USB drives.
Stop sign
Automatically stops employees from opening phishing links
Alert sign
Immediate alerting of a phishing attack
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Management dashboard to understand the types of attacks and targeted employees
Magnifying lens
Forensic analysis to diagnose the history of an attack
When employees accidentally or maliciously click on a phishing link
the action is
by our software preventing the link from opening.
Pilixo anti-phishing solution is an endpoint security platform which detects and prevents internal and external security threats that are initiated via phishing attacks. Todays anti-virus and anti-malware products are not designed to protect against this vulnerability. While educating your employees on the perils of malicious code and phishing attacks is important, Pilixo actually detects the phishing attempt regardless of its source and prevents an employee from clicking on a link or website that is malicious. Because the bad guys can always outsmart employees - Educate and Prevent