Pilixo: Enterprise Level Apps Delivered Through The Cloud

What Makes Pilixo So Powerful?

Enterprises and MSPs can securely deploy applications to limitless end-points directly from the cloud.

Pilixo is a framework that has been specifically designed to allow for the distribution of a wide range of applications to limitless end-points directly from the cloud. Pilixo can host, deliver and manage our own apps, as well as third party software that wasn’t initially designed to take advantage of the cloud.

Long before Pilixo began development on Employee Monitoring, we set lofty goals for the platform that would host and deliver this, as well as future applications. Only once the platform was in place did we embark on our mission to develop apps that help secure the Workspace and support MSPs who manage highly distributed environments.

The Pilixo Framework

The Pilixo framework instantly provides an array of powerful features including:

Secure Deployment

Lightweight connections deliver cloud based or peer-to-peer services with a secure command-and-control messaging layer.

Versatile Development

The platform supports client and server-side applications with services such as messaging, transaction recovery, ecommerce and subscription billing.

Reliable Scalability

Secure cloud-based processing provides easy provisioning, an extensive communications framework, dependable failover and end-to-end privacy.

Benefits for MSP’s

The Pilixo platform was built with the needs of MSP’s in mind. Many of our partners manage highly distributed environments and demand a solution that doesn’t require them to setup VPN’s or change the infrastructure at each client location.

  • Manage highly distributed environments with ease
  • No need to setup VPN’s or change infrastructure
  • Manage devices not on the network
  • Eliminate security loopholes

The Pilixo Platform also provides the ability to manage remote employees and laptops that are not on the corporate network. That means MSP’s can provide services to a client’s entire organization without gaps or security loopholes.

Getting Technical

The Pilixo framework is scalable, secure and robust.

It’s simple to connect the Pilixo UI to any native code through our Javascript API. It doesn’t matter whether an app is built for Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android or Windows Phone, Pilixo offers connectors for all of these systems, making it ultra-compatible and simplifying integration with new and existing apps.

Pilixo Cloud Intelligence Above All

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