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Connect to Any Computer Easily & Securely

With the rise of the mobile workforce, IT departments are faced with the challenge of providing remote support for employees spanning across multiple geographic boundaries.

As a first-of-its-kind

HTML5 remote control software

, Remote Access keeps teams connected. You can easily deploy software upgrades, diagnose and resolve IT issues, collaborate with colleagues and more!

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The Key Benefits:

An Instant Connection

Remote Access initiates a remote connection within seconds, allowing you to access any device without installing a VPN.

Remote App Distribution

With Remote Access, you can securely deploy applications to any number of endpoints directly from the cloud.

Secure and Reliable Technology

Remote Access works from any browser, is built on the latest HTML5 technology, is lightweight, powerful and secure.


Superior Yet Affordable

Get access to a superior remote solution for as low as $1 per endpoint, per month

An Enterprise-Class Cloud Solution

With Remote Access there is no need to install an onsite server or manage a VPN. You can also rest comfortably knowing you have 99% guaranteed uptime.

The best part? Remote Access is inexpensive enough to be used as your backup solution but powerful enough to be your primary option. Prices start at $1 per endpoint, per month. Substantial volume discounts available.

Need the flexibility to work from home but access to your office computer?

Need to connect to a client or family member's computer using a browser?

Need to access to your home or office data while travelling abroad?

Need to collaborate with team members by sharing a screen?

Integrate Remote Desktop Access to your Website

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Pilixo Remote Access allows you to remotely access and control any Windows or Mac computer from any browser.

You can easily integrate your Remote desktop access directly in your browser and without any installation. Start enhancing now your personal or company's website with this fully featured, powerful and reliable Html5 headless Remote Desktop!

Reduce Your LogMeIn or TeamViewer Costs by more than 50%

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