Reduce Theft of Data by an Employee with These Tips

Data security threats don’t just come from outside your company. Insider threats have the potential to cause loss or compromise and undermine the safety of confidential business information.

Not all insider data theft comes as a result of malicious intent which is why trust is not a good policy. In fact, 71% of all insider theft incidents are unintentional and preventable.

employee data theft

Lost Credentials Can Lead to Major Problems

All it takes is for one employee to click on a phishing email and then expose their login credentials to a hacker for your entire network to become compromised. This is especially true for privileged users such as members of your c-suite.

An unwitting act like this can result in sensitive data falling into the wrong hands and your company losing both customers and money as a result.

Educate your employees about the characteristics of phishing emails, and set clear boundaries regarding conducting work from personal devices such as a phone, laptop or tablet.

Additionally, ensure each staff member has access at a level appropriate for his or her position to minimize the amount of data leaked in the event of a breach.

Unsecure Devices and Networks Can Lead to Disaster

Sending data to an unsecure, personal device leaves the door open for hackers to intercept information, and many employees do this without realizing the dangers.

Connecting to public Wi-Fi networks to access company documents is another common mistake. Even something as apparently benign as typing the wrong email address when sending a message containing proprietary information can lead to data theft.

To prevent data being lost by these and other unwitting actions, review compliance rules for devices and remind staff members to always double-check messages before hitting “Send.”

Your Company Isn’t Immune to Malicious Theft

Some employees steal company data on purpose for personal gain or as revenge for wrongs they believe the company has committed against them.

Disgruntled employees may leak passwords or start passing information to the competition in exchange for money. Maintaining a positive work environment can prevent the discontentment at the heart of these actions, and thorough background checks for new hires keep potential thieves from obtaining prominent positions.

Using employee monitoring software like Employee Monitoring can help stop any unintentional or malicious insider threats in their tracks.

Employee Monitoring can send you real-time alerts that are triggered by unusual activity, such as the download of confidential files, accessing information outside of normal business hours, printing confidential documents and more. Employee Monitoring also continuously records the screen of every device it’s installed on ensuring you can see exactly what happened before, during and after the incident occurred. You can start your free trial here.

Awareness and diligence are both necessary to catch insider threats before they result in data compromise. Work with your employees to create a safe environment, and focus on continued education to maintain company-wide security.


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